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What is an X-Ray?

X-rays produce images in a similar way to a normal photograph being produced by light but using focused electromagnetic energy beams. These rays produce images on film which can show when a bone is fractured or dislocated. They can also show up some soft tissues and organs such as enlarged hearts, suspicious masses in the chest and kidney stones. When investigating soft tissues, a special dye might be injected to make the blood vessels more visible. You cannot see or feel an X-ray and the procedure is quick, offering a simple way of looking at the inner body.

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What does an X-Ray involve?

Before having an X-Ray it is important to remove any metal objects such as necklaces or chains, and to avoid wearing clothing with metal clasps, zips, hooks or buttons; you may be given a gown to wear for your examination and you will need to keep as still as possible for a few seconds. X-rays are painless and there are no side effects. However, please inform the doctor if you are pregnant or think you may be; X-rays emit very small amounts of radiation and although any risk to you or your unborn baby is negligible, it is always best to tell your radiologist or physician if you suspect you may be pregnant.

After your X-ray

The X-ray pictures will be examined by a radiologist who is a specially trained doctor and a report will be explained and given to you. You will be able to leave the clinic after your X-rays and continue with your normal activities.

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