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Dr Hammad Malik: MBBS BSc (Clinical Sciences) MRCGP is a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, the General Medical Council and the Medical Protection Society.

If you have any questions please call Dr Malik on T: 0207 060 6789 or e-mail:

Our sexual health screening tests

If you are having a test for gonorrhoea, chlamydia, trichomonas, or a urinary tract infection, it will be necessary to provide a urine sample. It is important not to pass urine for two hours prior to the consultation. In some cases, it may be necessary to perform a simple swab test for genital ulcers, rashes, or warts. Infections such as HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B or C will usually require a blood test. At HarleyStreetGP, test results can be rapidly processed, with swab tests ready within 2-3 days, and most STD blood test results ready within 4 hours. Our popular INSTI HIV blood test only requires a fingerprick blood sample and the results are available within 60 seconds, or within 4-6 hours for syphilis.

Diagnosis can often be suggested as a result of the history and examination of the patient, and treatment can be started immediately. At HarleyStreetGP , we are able to prescribe and dispense a number of antibiotic treatments, avoiding further waiting at a chemist.


We also provide a Superior Sexual Health Screening test, which includes:

HPV swab for 20 subtypes of virus

Herpes blood test for HSV 1 and 2 antibodies

Swab or urine test for mycoplasma genitalium, trichomonas vaginalis and ureaplasma

The Superior Sexual Health Screening costs £415 and also includes all standard sexual health screening.

STD & STI Treatment

A large proportion of STDs can now be treated via a single dose or short course of antibiotics. Diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, NSU, herpes, thrush and syphilis can be easily and successfully treated with antibiotics. In addition, we can also treat common complaints, such as genital warts, with creams or cryotherapy (freezing).

If herpes is diagnosed, we will help you to manage this condition to ensure that it has a minimal impact on your life. Although there is currently no cure, the wide range of modern treatments can ensure that you go on to lead a happy and carefree life. For external symptoms such as blisters or sores, we can prescribe a number of creams, as well as antibiotics for acute episodes. For the minority of patients who experience frequent flare-ups, we can offer a low dose of long term antiviral medication in order to suppress the condition with a minimum of side effects.

Hepatitis B or HIV currently has no cure, but the advancement of modern medicine in the past few years has ensured that these conditions can be effectively treated, allowing patients to continue leading active and enjoyable lives. If you are diagnosed with either of these conditions, we can offer counselling as well as referrals to specialists for antiviral drug treatment.

Follow-up appointments

If you are waiting for your results or are undergoing a course of treatment, we suggest that you either abstain from sex or use barrier protection, such as condoms. As some infections don’t always immediately respond to antibiotics, we recommend that once you’ve completed your course of treatment you have a confirmatory test to ensure the infection has been fully treated.

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