Hormone Tests From £210

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Hormone Function Tests From £210

Hormones are a vital part of the way our body keeps itself fit and healthy. Broadly speaking, they are special chemical messengers that are secreted by a number of glands throughout the body and which are responsible for controlling the functioning of a wide number of organs. Different hormones affect different parts of the body in a number of ways, from controlling the menstrual cycle, to regulating the water content in the body. Maintaining a constant state of internal balance is the job of all hormones and when this is achieved, the body is said to be in a state of homeostasis.

However, disturbances to the normal level of hormones can have significant and wide ranging effects on the body, causing a variety of conditions, from diabetes and growth disturbance, to impaired thyroid function and body temperature. Such issues reflect problems with the pancreas, pituitary and thyroid glands.

As men and women produce a number of hormones which are largely specific to their gender, there are also a range of conditions that can cause a number of very specific problems. In men, hormone profiling allows investigation into hair loss, erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, infertility and tiredness, as well as a range of other symptoms. Similarly, women can experience menstrual abnormalities such as heavy periods, along with such conditions as menopause, weight changes, hair thinning, or excess hair.

Our tests are extremely accurate, as well as being quick and easy to administer. Results turnaround is fast and a consultation can be quickly arranged to discuss the implications of the findings, along with any proposed treatment.

* Full blood profile
* Blood pregnancy tests
* Cholesterol tests
* Diabetes testing
Kidney function tests
Liver function tests
* Sex hormone tests
* Vitamin and mineral tests