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Dr Hammad Malik: MBBS, BSc (Clinical Sciences), MRCGP is a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, the General Medical Council and the Medical Protection Society.

If you would like to contact Dr Malik for a same day HIV test in Harley Street, please call him on T: 0207 060 6789 or e-mail:

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For most patients, a diagnosis of HIV would be the worst news they could receive. However, though this is a very serious illness, the latest generation of retroviral drugs ensures that its symptoms can be controlled, allowing sufferers to lead long and active lives.

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus and is most commonly contracted after having unprotected sex with someone who is infected.It can also be passed on as a result of sharing needles or other injecting equipment. The virus attacks the immune system, making it difficult for your body to fight disease and infection without help.

The most common symptom of HIV in its early stages is a flu-like illness which can occur a few weeks after infection. It is estimated that up to 80% of sufferers who have contracted the virus present symptoms in this way, but it is by no means certain that everyone infected will experience this. If you have had unprotected sex and feel you may have contracted HIV, the only way to get a proper diagnosis is via a blood test.

we provide three different HIV tests, each of which has its own unique diagnostic features:

We currently offer 3 different HIV tests: from £150

HIV INSTI test which is accurate 3 months after unprotected sexual contact. Results are ready in 60 seconds and the test only needs a finger prick sample. £150

HDUO HIV test which is accurate 28 days after unprotected sexual contact. Results are available within 4 hours. This test includes the P24 antigen and HIV 1 and 2 antibodies£150

MULTIPLEX test 10 days after unprotected sexual contact. Results are available within 5 days. This test checks for HIV, hepatitis B and C. £280

At HarleyStreetGP we understand that waiting for the results of any test can cause anxiety. Results are therefore made available to you as soon as possible. All patients are given a thorough consultation and we will ensure that you fully understand everything that’s being discussed. Dr. Malik firmly believes that the essence of a good doctor’s practice is to ensure that patients are given the time to discuss their problems in full, with complete confidentiality and receive the very best advice.

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