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Affordable Health Screening Harley Street From £150

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Medical screening costs vary by location and we provide complete, comprehensive screening packages starting at £150. Depending upon how in depth you wish the health screen to go we can personally tailor your screening package.

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Types of Health Screenings We Offer:

Stroke / Carotid artery disease
Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Stroke / Atrial fibrillation
Peripheral arterial disease
Heart disease risk
Osteoporosis risk
High cholesterol
Type 2 diabetes

How Screening Works

Find out more about how we conduct our medical screenings. We use different screening methods to help you identify your risk:

Ultrasound/ MRI and CT scan screening Harley Street

Exercise Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Because no screening test can screen for every possible cause of stroke or heart disease, it is possible to have a normal screen. Currently we can assess the coronary arteries, the arteries surrounding the heart,using a  a CT scan based Calcium score. This is non invasive and will quantify the amount of narrowing in these important arteries due to hard atheromatous plaques. If you are experiencing symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY. Do not delay, regardless of your  Screening results.


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