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Dr Hammad Malik: MBBS BSc (Clinical Sciences) MRCGP is a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, the General Medical Council and the Medical Protection Society.

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Who should test their fertility?

If you’re having problems conceiving, or are planning on starting a family in the near future and are unsure about your fertility, HarleyStreetGP can carry out a number of simple and non-invasive tests to help you understand more about how fertile you are.

What is a fertility test?

A fertility test can be one of a series of different tests designed to identify any problems with a particular aspect of your reproductive health. Using a range of highly accurate and simple techniques, HarleyStreetGP can assess the fertility of you or your partner and use this information to help overcome any problems with conception. Tests can be discussed on a one-to-one basis or over the phone. As a leading expert in the field of sexual health, Dr. Malik will ensure you have a firm understanding of any issues, the treatments available, and any implications they may have.

fertility testing harley street

Tests for women

Blood tests are used to check for levels of hormones which can affect fertility. We check baseline hormones such as FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), LH (leutinising hormone), oestrogen and progesterone. The levels of these hormones can have a significant impact on your fertility and there are a range of treatment options available to help correct any imbalances and allow you to conceive naturally. Many women are unsure about when to start a family and at HarleyStreetGP, we can help you plan for the future by giving women an indication of their ovarian reserve by measuring a hormone called AMH.

By knowing their AMH level, women can gauge their reproductive capacity and decide if it’s viable to defer having a baby until a later time.

Ultrasound Harley Street

infertility treatmentUltrasound scans are one of the most effective ways of checking the health of the ovaries, Fallopian tubes and uterus (womb). If any issues are detected, further tests can then be carried out to ascertain the exact nature of the problem and the best way to deal with it.

STD urine and swab testing Harley Street

STD urine and swab testing may becarried out as many common STDs can lead to fertility issues. Even if you don’t think you’ve come into contact with an infection recently, historical infection can cause problems many years down the line. Chlamydia, for example, is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the UK and usually has no symptoms, so can silently cause significant damage if left untreated. Similarly, gonorrhoea can cause pelvic inflammatory disease which is a bacterial infection of the upper female genital tract, including the womb, Fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Fertility Tests for men at our Harley Street Clinic

At HarleyStreetGP, we can provide a number of tests for men in the strictest confidence and from the comfort of our welcoming and discreet clinic in Harley Street. Asemen analysistest is the first step in assessing male fertility, and examines the quantity and quality of your sperm. Results are available quickly and a detailed report is produced outlining the various sperm parameters. Following this, we would then discuss these findings in conjunction with an analysis of your health and lifestyle risk factors.  If the sperm count is very low we would usually recommend repeating this test after you’ve made improvements to your lifestyle, such as more exercise, less alcohol, and giving up smoking. If fertility issues remain despite a normal semen analysis, we would then proceed on to a DNA Fragmentation Test.

DNA Fragmentation Testing Harley Street

DNA Fragmentation Testing specifically examines sperm to see whether external factors such as pollution or artificial chemicals have had an impact on the structure of DNA within each reproductive cell. DNA fragmentation occurs when there is an alteration to the structure or composition of the individual bases that make up a strand of DNA. This would then prevent the necessary reproductive information from being correctly formed. If fragmentation is found, some lifestyle changes may help improve the situation and referral to a fertility clinic will provide further options.

Chlamydia Testing Harley Street

Chlamydia Testing may be recommended as this infection can lead to inflammation of the testicle (orchitis) and sperm carrying tube (epididymitis) in men. This is sometimes permanent and hence may cause infertility. Testing is very easy nowadays, and can be performed on a urine sample without the need for invasive and uncomfortable swab testing. Treatment often involves a single dose antibiotic taken for 1 day only. At HarleyStreetGP STD testing and treatments for chlamydia are readily available