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Dr Hammad Malik: MBBS, BSc (Clinical Sciences), MRCGP is a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, the General Medical Council and the Medical Protection Society.

For more information or if you have any questions, please call Dr Malik on 0207 060 6789 or e-mail: info@harleystreetgp.com

A computerized tomography (CT) scan is a special type of X-ray which uses X-rays and a computer to take detailed cross sectional pictures of the inside of the body, including the brain and spine. Using advanced software and sophisticated technology, CT images can be produced in a three dimensional format; this provides much more information for diagnostic analysis than an X-ray.

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Modern CT scanners using advanced software can now reconstruct 3D (3 dimensional) images using the scanners original 2D (2 dimensional) information.

Nearly all regions of the body can be scanned, including the head and neck, brain, sinuses, chest, abdomen and pelvis. The high definition images can be viewed by the radiologist as cross sectional ‘slices’, which are invaluable tools in the diagnosis of many different conditions. These can be used in creating more complex treatment plans such as surgery and radiotherapy of solid organs.

Patient Testimonials

John Richfield

I have been visiting Dr Hammad now for several years in relation to one particular medical condition. I felt immediately at ease with Dr Hammad and extremely confident in his knowledge and understanding of my issue. In addition I have found him to be communicative, personable and open. Always willing to discuss other issues and venture an experienced opinion on any particular medical condition. This has simply encouraged me to return over the years and am delighted that he has now branched out on his own and have no hesitation in recommending him and his extensive services to anyone I know.

Jemima Dentaah

r Hammad Malik provided exceptional service. He was knowledgeable, methodical and available at any time I had a concern. There was one occasion I called him at 2am and he was alert and happy to address my concern. I am so pleased with his work that I recommended him to several parents and they too were happy with his work.

Lisa Marie Mills

Dr Malik is a friendly and professional doctor at the fantastic WalkInDoctor/SameDayDoctor service. He uses his expert knowledge, explained in a plain English format, to ensure that his patients are informed and in control of their health decisions. I can recommend him highly.

Dr. Chris Donegan

Dr. Chris Donegan

Reinvention Capitalist

Hammad is a superb diagnostician with the perspicacity of Sherlock Holmes. He is thoughtful and engaging, treating his patients like intelligent people as he works with them to achieve a shared objective - health. Critically for a GP he is well connected with a pantheon of specialists that are at the top of their game. I have migrated all medical matters to him for my entire family and would unreservedly recommend him to anyone.

Colin Morris

Dr Hammad is an approachable, kind and effective medical doctor. I happily recommend him.

Amanda Pitt

Amanda Pitt

Managing Partner, New Business & Marketing / Havas Media

I was recommended to Dr Malik from one of his patients as my daughter was ill and needed advice and care as soon as possible rather than having to wait via the usual NHS system. I was not disappointed. He listened to the history over the phone and then swung into action by arranging a scan immediately for my young daughter. It didn't matter what the time of day was, he was always there and ensured to follow up with me to see how I got on with her after the scan. When you are a working Mum and time is so precious and I cannot recommend Dr Malik enough. He is efficient, detailed, compassionate and very knowledgeable. I would absolutely use him for myself or any member of my family and totally recommend him to you.

Iman Abou Atta

Dr. Hammad Malik is a highly qualified Doctor who provides a personalised and professional service to his patients and clients.

Julia de Oliveira

Dr Malik has been my private GP since 2010. He is without a doubt the best doctor I have seen and I wouldn't go to any other doctor. He is available whenever I need him or wherever I am in the world, whether in person or over the phone/email. What sets Dr Malik apart from other GPs is that he really takes the time to establish rapport with his patients, as well as ensuring that he keeps costs low for appointments and tests that aren't covered by private medical insurance. Dr Malik has never charged me for minor bits of administration such as repeat prescriptions as other private GPs may try to do; and has always been available for last minute or out of hours services, for example booster shots for travel injections for last minute trips! Thank you Dr Malik.

When are CT Scans used

Tumours and cancers: CT imaging can be helpful in detecting different types of tumours and cancers such as in the lungs, bowel, liver and kidneys. It can also confirm how far cancers have spread, known as the ‘staging’ of tumours. CT scans can also help monitor response to various treatments.

Trauma: CT scanning can investigate unexplained, acute causes of pain or after severe injury arising from trauma. It is non invasive and allows a rapid assessment of the patient’s condition and medical intervention.

Vascular disease: CT scans can be used to examine vascular (blood vessel) problems which may affect the circulation to the brain (stroke), blood clots in the lungs, pulmonary embolism (PE), or diseased and calcified coronary blood vessels supplying the heart (EBCT).

What happens before a CT scan?

You will need to remove glasses, jewellery, hair slides, dental braces or dentures with metal plates prior to scanning. Please inform staff if you are pregnant or think you might be.

How is a CT scan carried out?

You will be asked to lie on a special bed called a scanner table. When you feel comfortable, the technician will leave the room but remain in intercom communication and visual contact. The table will move slowly through the scanner, which looks like a large ring, taking the first picture. The scanner rotates in small movements around your head to take as many as 30 more pictures. The procedure is non invasive and painless; it takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Will I need an injection?

A contrast dye is sometimes used to help with definition of the CT images and you may need an injection as part of routine procedure. This can be swallowed or injected intravenously and will be discussed with you before your scan. The dye flows around your bloodstream to highlight the blood vessels in your brain or spine, producing more detailed pictures.